Change Initiatives

Disaster Relief



On October 4, 2016 Hurricane Matthew struck Haiti.

  Please watch this video to see the destruction dealt to the Creve area.

Mountain of Hope sent a 3 month supply of food to Creve immediately following Hurricane Matthew.  We supplied seeds to replant the lost crops, and livestock to replace some of those lost in this disaster.

Mountain of Hope is working toward a project to help the 42 families who lost their homes in the storm to build again.  It is estimated that we can build a 2 room house for approximately $6000. This would provide housing for a family of 8 to 10 people.  All cooking is done outside and toilet facilities are not inside homes there.

Mountain of Hope team members will happy to come to your church or organization if you have questions on how to partner with us in the labor of love.




The water supplies found in Creve, aside from a handful of privately owned wells that are in need of repair, are extremely limited. Coupled with the lack of electricity, there is no effective way to distribute what limited resources are available. The only option most of the villagers, mostly women and children, have is to walk for miles down the mountain to the nearest water source (a cistern built in 1985) and retrieve water one bucket at a time several times a day.

  Since Hurricane Matthew struck, this source was severely damaged and is no longer producing water.  

Mountain of Hope partnered with Water for Nations recently to install water filtration systems to the other available water cisterns in the area to decontaminate the water held there.


Scholarship Program


Scholarship Purpose

To provide financial assistance to a student with an interest in pursuing college level education in the fields of: agriculture, medicine, nursing, dentistry, engineering, education, and ministry.

Scholarship Grant

An annual tuition scholarship will be paid to the recipient’s educational institute as follows:



Scholarship Recipient Requirements


  1. Student must be a high school graduate or be currently enrolled as a full-time college student.
  2. The scholarship is contingent upon a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  3. Student must return to Creve for a period of 3 years following college graduation to apply learned skills for the betterment of the community.
  4. Student must demonstrate a clear call or passion for the educational field of their choice.
  5. Student must submit a personal essay of why they feel call to that area of education that they are requesting to attend.


Scholarship Donors

Scholarship donors are needed to provide this step up for these students.  Consider setting up a Memorial Scholarship for a student to attend the education path that you have a connection with yourself.  Example:  The Ruth Magee Nursing Scholarship Program. Classes start in September each year.  Please consider sponsoring a student to help the individual and the community. 




In 2011, the people of Creve wanted a way to help their families and community out of poverty.  So they set their sights on starting a local microfinance organization. They had a general idea of the simple concepts of what microfinance is and established a diverse committee made up of older and younger generations, as well as women. A credit and executive committee were also set up. They began to recruit members into the organization to raise the money needed to make small loans.

When they had raised 82,000 Haitian dollars (equivalent to $10,250 US) they began to make loans.  Many people wanted to take advantage of this opportunity and soon the Microfinance bank had lent out all of its money.  They asked Mountain of Hope for help with funding.

A team from MoH and the University of Texas visited Creve in January 2012 to research, analyze and prepare further information on Microfinance programs for their committee. The team determined that the loan fund at the Microfinance bank should be increased to 250,000 Haitian dollars ($31,250 US).

 We were able to educate the committee members on how to interview future loan recipients to assess their entrepreneurial spirit, how to select the right business policies and operation procedures, how to improve their record keeping, ensure neutrality and transparency and to educate the borrowers about the responsible use of credit. We gave the committee recommendations on how to ensure their success.

This local Microfinance bank's mission statement reads:  "Bank to help the poor people of rural Haiti achieve their goals of feeding their families, keeping their children healthy and providing the opportunity for furthering the education level of their children."  

This is also MoH's  desire for give them hope for the future and a way out of poverty - not by giving them a hand out, but a hand up.

We know that microfinance is not an end product or a solution, but it is an opportunity.  It's a single step in the process of poverty alleviation.

We need you to partner with us in providing funds for this community as they try to better themselves.

 Together we can impact poverty by turning compassion and good intentions into actions that makes a lasting difference. 


Future Projects


In addition to the Water and Micro-finance Projects,  MoH will continue to seek opportunities to improve everyday life in Creve through additional initiatives including: